I have been working with young children in an educational environment since 1987. My resume summarizes my education, experience, and leadership background. In the paragraphs below, I provide additional information on these organizations and my responsibilities.

Teacher in International Schools in Beijing
As a fifth grade classroom teacher at the International Study Group, I taught an international group of eleven students with English levels ranging from novice to fluent. The following year, I worked at the International School of Beijing in their newly launched ninth grade program teaching World History and Algebra 1. My fifteen students were the children of diplomats from the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Director of Rock Spring Cooperative Preschool
Rock Spring Cooperative Preschool has embraced a learning-through-play philosophy since its founding in 1943. Upon my arrival in 2000, I sought to solidify the preschool's conceptual foundation in order to communicate a uniform curriculum to both our staff and membership. As a result, some program elements and teaching approaches were adjusted and a hybrid Creative Curriculum and Reggio Emilia approach was adopted by the governing Board. Some of my additional administrative contributions included increasing the environmental print and rebus-supported labels in classrooms, emphasizing sensory tables and play throughout the school, initiating a digital camera and book publishing project in our upper grades, and beginning a multi-age Open Play half-day where our preschoolers were free to explore discrete activity centers in all classrooms.

I also focused on the creation of standardized and mandated written teacher feedback for parent conferences, a centralized library, and a comprehensive supplies, material, and equipment inventory. I loved the curriculum, collaborative, and organizational elements of the Rock Spring directorship. The most challenging aspects of the job were related to personnel issues such as retraining and dismissals of teachers and delineation of parent versus teacher roles in a parent run school with professional classes and curriculum. After a decade in administration, I am eager to return to classroom instruction.

Other Leadership Positions
As a parent of young children in Hong Kong, I served on the Board of the British-based Preschool Playgroups Association (PPA) and chaired one of its community organizations, the Borrett Road Community Playgroup, for two years. At PPA, I learned that I enjoyed the administrative side of education and was introduced to the early childhood learning-through-play philosophy that I have embraced ever since. The PPA accomplishment in which I take most pride was the creation of an “Open Play” program that operated seven afternoons a week and welcomed both parents and caregivers as supervisors for their children. Upon my departure from Hong Kong, the Open Play roster exceeded 400 families. The program is still running today.